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Shrapnel Games has released a "War Plan Pacific" demo, giving players a chance to try out the upcoming strategy game by KE Studios.

"Taste a slice of what to expect in the game by commanding either the Imperial Japanese forces as they rampage across the Pacific from December 1941 until March 1942, or begin the journey to Japan as the Allies and experience the fight from August 1942 through November 1942. Unlike the full game, the demo is limited to single player only, and lacks the ability to save.

The full version of War Plan Pacific is slated to ship within a week. Available only for Windows, War Plan Pacific is a turn-based grand strategic game of the epic conflict between Imperial Japan and the Western Allies during the Second World War. Players can command the historical forces of Japan, the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and the Netherlands in three different scenarios providing historical and alternate set-ups, playable against either the AI or a live opponent via the Internet.

Inspired in part by the classic Avalon Hill board game on the subject, Victory in the Pacific, War Plan Pacific has a comfortable tabletop feel while embracing the digital experience. And just like that classic title, War Plan Pacific was designed from the ground up to be playable in a single session. Average play time is under three hours. And yes, that’s from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay.

While the game plays fast don’t confuse playability with a lack of historical gameplay. John Hawkins, developer of War Plan Pacific, has simply distilled down the Pacific conflict into its more important aspects, creating a game that holds true to reality while not becoming mired with details. Players will find that they can pursue historical strategies in their bid for victory, or branch off and set their own course.

Turns are one month long, and units represent individual ships of light cruiser size or larger, amphibious and transport groups, and air groups. War Plan Pacific emphasizes air and naval combat, abstracting land combat. Combat is handled via a battleboard, and much like the game at large, provides players with many interesting decisions while never weighing them down.

But enough talk! See for yourself what War Plan Pacific has to offer by downloading the demo right now from Shrapnel Games. Just follow this link and download away!"

The 111MB demo can be downloaded from The Official Site, AtomicGamer, FileFront, FileShack, Gamer’s Hell, or Worthplaying.


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