War Plan Pacific Has Gone Gold

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Shrapnel Games has announced that "War Plan Pacific" has gone gold and is scheduled to be released on December 16th.

"War Plan Pacific is a computer wargame for one or two players about the conflict in the Pacific from 1941 until 1945 waged between Imperial Japan and the United States (and allies). Designed to be playable in under three hours, yet retaining a good deal of historicity, today’s gamers will appreciate the ability to fight an entire war in one sitting.

As supreme commanders of their nation’s war machine, players will use an array of historical naval vessels and air groups in an attempt to achieve victory for their side. It should be noted that victory for both sides is not measured equally, and indeed playing as the Japanese creates different strategies from playing as the Allies, and vice-versa. Victory can also come in the form of a fast path or a measured path, altering strategies even further.

Fans of board wargames will feel right at home with War Plan Pacific, especially for those that recall Avalon Hill’s Victory in the Pacific or who currently enjoy MMP’s Fire in the Sky. Rather than tracking every bean and bullet in the theater, War Plan Pacific uses individual ships of light cruiser size or larger, air groups, amphibious transport groups, and convoys on a point to point map of the Pacific from Singapore to San Francisco. Each turn represents one month of time, and there are three starting situations (one historical, two hypothetical) to game.

Combat takes place on a ‘battle board’ that allows combat to be fought out easily while retaining a tactical flair. CAP, flak, screening, and the dreaded Long Lance torpedo all play a part. War Plan Pacific focuses on air and naval actions, with land combat abstracted to how well invasions succeed.

Beyond the single and multi-player experience gamers will enjoy the fact that War Plan Pacific uses easy-to-edit XML text files for its scenarios. While map and unit graphics cannot be changed, the XML files allow for OOB, ship capabilities, base information, sea distances, and victory conditions all to be modified. Creating new scenarios that explore a range of possibilities, such as an earlier conflict in the Pacific during the ’30s, is sure to excite gamers and keep War Plan Pacific on their hard drives for a long time to come.

War Plan Pacific sells for $39.95 and will be available for Windows computing systems. For more information on this exciting turn-based wargame please visit its official gamepage at:



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