War Plan Pacific v1.0.1.0123 Patch

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Shrapnel Games has released a new patch for "War Plan Pacific", bringing the turn-based strategy game by KE Studios to version

The patch not only shoots down the dreaded Model 99 Bug but enhances the overall gameplay experience.

The patch includes the following fixes/additions to the full retail version of War Plan Pacific:


  • If an invasion fleet without carriers attacked a base without any defending aircraft (either carrier or land based) the invasion would silently fail. Fixed.
  • Saving and reloading on turn 1 no longer provides the Japanese extra SNLF groups.
  • Task Force mission text now updates if transport groups are added or removed (changes from Raid to Invasion and vice-versa).
  • Occasionally "ghost" patrol icons would remain even after all patrols were cancelled. Gamers no longer have to be spooked by these, as this has been fixed.
  • Spelling errors in scenario files fixed.


  • Music and Sound now support three levels: Full (louder setting for those playing using laptop speakers), Quiet and Off.
  • Added extra feedback for base growth. Now bases will show a lighter colored segment of their size bar to indicate growth during the previous turn. Note: this only appears during single player games to maintain compatibility between versions for multiplayer.
  • The Allied AI has received several boosts. It is slightly less aggressive in raiding the Home Islands, more aggressive in reopening the Sea Lanes, and not as static during the first turn.
  • Increased reaction moves. Task forces on patrol can now respond to action up to 72 hours sailing time, instead of the one day limit in the initial release. The reaction limit can also now be changed in the scenario file. In multiplayer games both players must have patched to the latest version or the mechanic will default to the original one day limit.

The 24MB patch is available to download on the Shrapnel Games website, AtomicGamer, FileFront, Gamer’s Hell, or Worthplaying.


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