Warrior Epic Launched

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As planned, "Warrior Epic" launched yesterday, the free action MMORPG by Possibility Space.

"Lead an army of warriors into the wilderness, recover ancient artifacts and fend off barbaric tribes carrying the wicked heritage of the warmongers of ancient times.

Warrior Epic is an action-packed free MMORPG set in a vibrant fantasy world. Take command of a variety of Warriors through solo, PvP, and multiplayer dungeon-raiding adventures.

Combine strategy with your battle skills through the unique Spirit System. Build up your party of adventurers in your own customized Warrior Hall.

Warrior Epic is free to download and play with lots of opportunities to enhance your characters, your Warrior Hall, and your game experience with micro-transactions."

For more information head to: http://www.warriorepic.com/


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  • Developer: Possibility Space
  • Publisher: True Games Interactive
  • Genre: MMORPG
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