Warrior Epic Screenshots

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True Games Interactive released new screenshots from "Warrior Epic", giving viewers a look at the upcoming MMORPG by Possibility Space.

"The new screen shots depict three of Warrior Epic’s six classes in different, stunning environments.  The Devotress can be seen in gleaming armor doing battle deep in the mines of Welkin Warrens with a robotic adversary. A Pit Fighter has found safe haven in a Providian camp nestled in the treacherous jungles of Aberas, while an Illusionist fights against all odds in the mysterious Faustus Estate. For more information on Warrior Epic, and to register for the upcoming beta visit www.warriorepic.com."



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  • Developer: Possibility Space
  • Publisher: True Games Interactive
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Release Date:
  • Link: The Official Site
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