World of Tanks Tank Destroyer Video

Share | released a new trailer for "World of Tanks", showing off the tank destroyer class of vehicles.

"The trailer showcases the whole new class of combat vehicles available in the game – tank destroyers – pointing out both their strengths and weaknesses. The video touches upon tactics and strategies the! players driving these monstrous tank-crackers can use to contribute to their side’s win.

Tank destroyers play a crucial part in World of Tanks team-based gameplay. Efficient usage of their enormous firepower and long shooting range supported by smart positioning on the battlefield is the factor that decides the final outcome of almost every fight.

“Operating a Ferdinand or SU-152 is like safari hunting, “says Nick Katselapov, producer of World of Tanks.” Everything is under control as long as your targets stay at long range and nothing will stop you from picking off a tiger or panther. But as soon as the “kitties” approach your positions there’s hardly a way to survive.”

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