World’s Deadliest DEFCON AI Bot Competition

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Introversion has announced a partnership with the event organizers of CIG 2009 to hold a DEFCON competition where programmers will compete to create the deadliest AI bot.

"The contest, scheduled for this September, is a part of an ongoing yearly event that attempts to create bots from videogames that are realistic enough into fooling an expert panel of judges that they are actually human players.

In what has been described as the “Turing Test for Bots”, the competition has chosen DEFCON this year as the game for which bots will be created.

This competition follows on from work that the best brains of Imperial College, London, have developed with a DEFCON API (Application Programmers Interface), which enables anyone to create their own DEFCON bot, in true Wargames fashion.

A group of talented programmers will pitch their DEFCON bot against enemy bots in a series of one-on-one thermonuclear chess games. The winner is the programmer whose bot successfully annihilates its opponents and racks up the highest death count. IEEE is offering a $500 prize to the deadliest DEFCON AI bot competition winner.

Let’s just hope the technology developed at this year’s CIG doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Contact Details:

For technical enquiries about the API, please contact Robin Baumgarten: [email protected]

For enquiries about using the API for student projects, please contact Simon Colton: [email protected]"


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