Zeno Clash Trailer

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ACE Team has released a new trailer for "Zeno Clash", the upcoming first-person shooter that is scheduled to arrive in retail stores and on Steam in the first quarter of next year.

"The new gameplay video that has been released displays some of the melee attacks that players will be capable of performing to overcome their adversaries. A variety of punches, grabs and kicks are displayed as Ghat punishes his adversaries by throwing them to pits or knocking them into the air with a powerful comeback punch. The video also features combat with very different weapons for different situations. The clubs are necessary to bring down heavy foes that won’t be stopped by anything in their path. The musket can be used to blow up explosive rodents that parachute from a giant creature’s head. In Zeno Clash players will encounter all sorts of dangers and keeping a grasp on these weapons is key to survive."


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