1701 A.D.

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ANNO 1701 is the most elaborate, high-budget game production ever to come out of German-speaking Europe. It is the perfect sequel to the games SUNFLOWERS has already sold millions of times over – the most successful game series of all time. Set once again in the 16th and 17th centuries, the age of seafaring and discovery, a unique blend of different genres makes this a truly gripping real-time building simulation. For the first time, players of all levels of skill and experience were deeply involved in development. Their influence proved vital in making this unique gaming experience more accessible than ever. Players create their own startlingly vivid, realistic world. Interaction takes place at ever turn. Play this exciting, action-packed game once and you will never want to stop!


  • Multiplayer mode allowing up to 4 gamers to play over a LAN or the Internet
  • Unique empire-building simulation set in the 17th and 18th centuries
  • Experience the golden age of exploration and trade; discover new islands
  • Establish, expand, and maintain a flourishing medieval metropolis
  • Interact with other players through trade, diplomacy, or military conflicts

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1701 A.D. Boxart


Everyone Over 10