2025: Battle for Fatherland

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Year 2025 - The War Begins To End: "Having overrun much of the world with his hordes, a great enemy leader is poisoned" – Nostradamus made his prediction. His wisdom of having a victory over foes has been flying to us through centuries. Do you believe him so far and think it's going to happen anyway? When threats and dangers are all around you can never be so sure of the battle outcome…

The game plot takes us to a very near future – 2025 – that will embrace countries with fire, explosions, deaths and threatening enemies. Nations face hazard of terrorism that rules the world! You can just watch your nation getting suppressed and crushed or…you can fight, fight as fiercely as your muscles endure.

The main character is a brave soldier of Peacemaking Forces who can't stand this passive non-involvement any longer. To destroy aggressively acting and lurking within terrorist hordes (hostile troops, separate units and mechs) he has a diverse arsenal at his disposal including tanks, jeeps, and mechs. The latter can use antitank and sniper's weapons. Missions vary so it's up to a gamer to decide which tactics to apply – crash every living malicious creature with the fire storm or kill invaders one by one in sharp guerilla attacks. The game intrigues will enable a player to go through organized resistance, betrayal, clandestine rebellion actions, and…more secrets will be unveiled by the developers as the game creation progresses!

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