Age of Pirates: Captain Blood

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"Age of Pirates: Captain Blood" is a pirate action game. The player is supposed to assume the role of brave and noble pirate captain, Peter Blood, and follow his intiguing and amazing adventures in 1685 on the Spanish Main. The game is based on the story of the novel "Captain Blood" from Rafael Sabatini: His Odyssey where an English surgeon was framed and condemned a penal servitude on Barbados. Passing through hard times he got a chance to become a pirate and used it to escape from the tropical plantation hell. Soon the Caribbean was that ablaze by his deeds and exploits. "Age of Pirates: Captain Blood" gives the gamer the extraordinary chance to live the life of the most eccentric pirate from the famous novel of Rafael Sabatini. Follow the pirate star in an amazing quest for gold, glory and love.

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