Ancient Wars: Sparta

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Based on the historical background of Spartans high culture, this RTS features huge ancient battles. The well known Persian Wars are only a part of a long and amazing journey through the ancient ages of war. In more than 30 diversified and wide missions Sparta - Ancient Wars tells a bold and tense storyline, with three campaigns from different perceptions that include martial conflicts, diplomatic maneuvers and familiar tragedies to tell of the rise and fall of legendary races and mighty heroes.


  • Gripping storyline based on realistic historical settings around 500 to 450 BC
  • Play three different nations to conquer the ancient world
  • Command armies with a huge variety of units, ships, chariots and siege weapons
  • 27 challenging missions in beautifully rendered full 3D landscapes and environments
  • Unique unit design: Arm your warriors yourself from a vast choice of weapons

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