Aurora: The Secret Within

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You play the enigmatic role of Detective Pileggi – throughout the game, his face remains obscured, the player is never able to see his face clearly. His past will be uncovered over the course of the player’s journey. During the first three days the mission will be exploring Area 51 and discovering once inside the base that journeys into time are possible! Suddenly an accident occurs in the control room and Pileggi finds himself (inexplicably) in the future. Now it appears, he has only two days to find how to get home and also why he has been chosen to solve this case!

Moving further into the adventure Pileggi revisits many of the earlier places but this time during the 1997 post nuclear period!


  • 40's film noir environments
  • 3D room exploration
  • 3D interactive animated characters
  • Logical, mathematical riddles, gradually progressive puzzles
  • Multiple choice dialogues, influencing the story

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