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An intense action/horror game with a super-sexy, super-lethal, super-natural heroine named Agent BloodRayne...the most deliciously wicked action heroine ever to grace a console game. She's half-human, half vampire and all woman. Raised and trained to hunt supernatural evil, BloodRayne is an explosive force with lethal style, gymnastic dexterity and a lust for action.

BloodRayne provides an intense 3rd person action/horror experience that appeals to a wide audience of gamers. With a multitude of frighteningly evil opponents, the game is fast-paced, frenetic and battle-heavy. All this, in combination with the phenomenal graphics, exotic environments and cutting edge sound and camera effects transport the player to an awe-inspiring, terror-filled world that will make his hands sweat and heart race.


  • Nazis are collecting ancient relics to build up their occult power. BloodRayne will stop this using all the powers and weapons she can muster
  • Travel from the swamps of Louisiana to the docks of Germany to fight against - and drink from - Nazi scum
  • Use her sex appeal, super moves and vampiric powers to battle enemy soldiers
  • Be careful not to drink too deeply -- if you do, BloodRayne will go into an uncontrollable killing frenzy
  • Horrific cinematic action scenes and a unique Camera FX feature allow you to see more of the action at several different angles

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BloodRayne Boxart



Minimum Requirements

  • PIII 733MHz or equivalent CPU
  • 128MB RAM
  • 64MB VRAM
  • 2000MB HDD space
  • DirectX v8.1