Brain Trainer

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Hot on the back of the BBC’s interactive special How To Improve Your Memory, Mindscape has crafted the perfect follow up tool to maintain your new mental fitness regime. A selection of fifteen exercises are divided into five distinct areas, including Mathematical, Spatial, Deduction, Memory and Verbal, to provide a broad and thorough mental workout. Players are able to track their development over the weeks and months in each of these areas via the line charts in their progress screen.

Exercises range from word searches, Sudoku puzzles and matching pairs to more traditional spelling tests and mental arithmetic - all designed to clean out those mental cobwebs and shift that excess brain flab.

As with any exercise half the battle is motivation, not to mention remembering to workout on a regular basis. Mindscape’s Brain Trainer has this covered with its reminder system, where players can use the built-in calendar to set specific reminders or just to nag them when exercises have been skipped for one reason or another.

Now there are no excuses for a portly Prefrontal Cortex or chubby Cerebellum, Mindscape’s Brain Trainer is the ideal way to return to mental fitness this winter!

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