Crime City

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Crime in the city must be controlled and, should it get out of hand, be dealt with swiftly. Therefore, an elite police force is created. This task force consists of Policemen in their cars trained in high speed pursuit and motorized urban tactics whose mission is to intervene rapidly and intercept any and all threats to the public before any harm is done. These policemen take their orders from YOU. You are the only line between order and anarchy. Take command of this elite police unit and let no one cross it.

CrimeCity is a fast paced point and click RTS game where speed and strategy are important. Chasing bad guys has never been such fun before! The rounds usually last no more than a few minutes each and you must take the necessary decisions to lead your squad to their crime suspects before it is too late. The goal of the game is to capture a criminal by blocking all his escape routs.

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