Dark Sector

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Dark Sector is a stunning third-person action title that introduces gamers to an original, action-filled story and places them in the role of deadly covert operative Hayden Tenno. Sent on a dangerous mission to a mysterious Eastern European city, Hayden becomes infected by a viral bio-weapon that grants him superhuman powers. Included in his new, otherworldly arsenal is the bladed glaive, a fierce weapon that can be thrown to cut down foes with vicious accuracy. As the game progresses, players will witness Hayden's ongoing transformation as he evolves with his new powers and becomes even more lethal.


  • Intense Online Multiplayer Battles
  • Infection Mode: one player takes on the role of Hayden as the other players become human soldiers and hunt him down
  • Epidemic Mode: two teams, each made of up of a Hayden and a group of soldiers, will battle to kill the other teams Hayden and fight for online supremacy
  • Evolution Power: Battle your enemies with incredible superhuman powers-like the deadly bladed glaive-that evolve and become more and more powerful throughout the game

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