Dawn of Magic

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Also known as Blood Magic (Russia), the 3rd-Person hack’n’slash Dawn of Magic will let the gamers decide whether they want to fight for good or for evil. Players will choose their attacks from a huge roster of magic skills and 12 different schools of magic.

Dawn of Magic provides weeks of finest hack’n’slash gaming fun, following the footsteps of the great examples it was modelled on: Sacred and Diablo 2.


  • Classic Action-RPG set in a huge 3D world
  • More than 600 NPCs to find and 1500 weapons and pieces of armor to equip
  • Vast spell system with over a dozen schools of magic and 96 combinable spells
  • Highly detailed character models that change dependent on the magic school chosen
  • Multiplayer battles support up to 16 players via LAN or internet

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