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"Destinies" is a place...far away from all that you know, yet as near as your own heartbeat. It is a pathway to an adventure across space and time. Your journey begins on a planet, set at the edge of a distant galaxy. Anthranella, paradise of our universe. Perhaps...or is it something very different?

Marc Taszicky is a 37 years old physics professor who leads a quiet solitary existence on earth, until his life is shattered by the unexpected and mysterious death of Peter Vinci, a colleague and old friend. Peter had recently returned from an unexplained visit into uncharted space. However, why he went there and what he found is a mystery. For he arrived clinging to life, raving and delirious. Death followed quickly with Peter's dying words providing the only crytpic clues as to where he had been. What Marc pieces together in his search for their meaning takes him back to their beginning, to a long forgotten failed experiment and to the present, to a planet called Anthranella IX. He boards a flight in a desperate search for the truth. What caused his friend to leave so secretively, what did he discover and most importantly, why did he die? Marc hopes for answers, but he may find much more. He may just discover his destiny...

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