DIRT: Origin Of The Species

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An innocent camping trip into the Nevada desert takes a deadly turn when military black operations test a new viral weapon codename Project G.I.Ants, designed to create battle field infantry by mutating commonly found insects and parasites. When this test run goes horribly wrong the lives of 8 friends and a desert community is altered irrevocably.

Waking up in a jail appearing to be in New York, the player, an urban girl in her late teens, must remember what happened and set off to find her friends and save them from the madness. There are, of course, a couple of problems....

The presence of the virus "Triton-76" used by "Project G.I.Ants" in the surrounding air starts to trigger powerful and frightening mutations in the player and a standard order from a specific T.I.G. for the elimination of any witness ensues.

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