El Matador

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The game begins when the main character returns from the demanding drill camp for DEA agents. He discovers that his brother, who introduced him to the DEA, has been murdered by Narkomafia, a powerful crime syndicate operating in South America. At the funeral he meets his family and the DEA Commander of Provincial Section, who asks him to finish the job his brother has started.

It is his opportunity to find the murderers of his brother; the main hero agrees to take the assignment. At the same time he becomes the main target of a group of killers called the "Sicarios". This gang do the dirty jobs for the bosses of Narkomafia.

The player gradually realises that the case his brother worked on involves more people than the he originally expected.

He begins to unwind inch by inch the corruption and treason which has found its way into law enforcement organisations, even into the ranks of the DEA. Friends change into enemies and bad guys become unexpected allies. At the end the main character faces the murderer of his brother and gets a chance to enforce ultimate justice.


  • Hard-Hitting, Movie-Style Storyline.
  • Huge Arsenal Of Realistic Weapons.
  • Slow Motion Action Feature.
  • Real Physics, Interactive Environments And Destructible Objects.

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