Escape from Paradise City

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Paradise City is a gigantic, extremely detailed, realistic, fully animated city, the perfect playground for this new modern, urban RPG.

In the harsh, surreal underworld of Paradise City, the player will infiltrate gangs for the National Security Agency (NSA). The player's character will evolve throughout the game as he gradually rises in the ranks of the organized crime hierarchy. He will gain experience as he tightens his grip on the city and its businesses, earns money and faces rival gangs, until he is powerful enough to control a district and a whole gang in order to protect key locations on his turf.

Once established in a district, the player will have to extend his influence over other districts in Paradise City... where the gang war raging for control of the metropolis is led by a violent, highly organized secret society at the head of which are a coterie of terrifyingly dangerous and powerful figures that, it seems, no bullet will stop.

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