Exodus from the Earth

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The game takes place in 2016. Mankind reckons for five billion years before the Earth starts to die. However, in reality it turns out that the Earth is living its last twenty years. According to the current studies, the Sun is to become an ever-increasing "Red Giant" burning everything around it and turning the Earth into a lifeless hell.

So, mankind has been beset with a monumental task which is to either adapt human beings for living in extraterrestrial conditions, or to find an Earth-like planet where people can live.

The A.X. Corporation, which now rules on the Earth and is the largest genetic and space military engineering company, has undertaken to conduct the research. After a while, the Corporation offered the technology that could allow human beings to survive in any alien extraterrestrial environment. On a distant planet they found a mineral from which they could produce a vaccine that would allow human beings to live in any environment. The Corporation’s proposal was to inject their vaccine into every person and then move to some other planet beyond the solar system.

Despite the fact that the first experiments have been successful, the Government has been very confused being entirely dependent on the Corporation. And furthermore, nobody knows how the mineral will affect human organisms. At the same time, according to their information there was an astronaut, John Rick, who had supposedly found a so-called “Second Earth” which was a planet with an Earth-like environment. Based on secret information, John Rick returned from his space expedition and disappeared. The Intelligence Agency suspected the Corporation, headed by Jack Crizby, of removing John Rick in order to conquer the whole mankind for their financial interests.

Harry Southgate, who is the head of The Intelligence Agency, has commissioned the main hero whose name is Francis Rixon, to find out what is happening inside the Corporation’s confines and to get the information about the mineral and the Earth-like planet, if it really exists.

Mike Sullivan – an owl at the territory of the A.X. Corporation – is to help Frank in reaching his goal. Mike is the Chief Security Guard of the Corporation’s inside locations and his mission is to lead Frank to the head office of the A.X. Corporation where all the information might be stored.

And the game begins…


  • Innovative physics engine. Internet and LAN multiplayer with up to 10 players
  • Diverse selection of weaponry, each with its own unique features and melee attack option
  • Explore and battle through various locations on two planets, each with multiple objective
  • Epic environments with cinematic special effects. Variety of interactive and destructible objects
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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