Galactic Command: Knightblade

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Galactic Command – KnightBlade brings total immersion to the space combat genre. Gamers will live out and experience their entire career within the confines of their assigned command carrier. All in first person perspective inside the 350m long GCV-KnightBlade; the second carrier in the Engstrom class to be built by GALCOM.

Players will experience the thrill of deep space life – both as a combat pilot and a marine - as well as the angst of living inside a battlecruiser under attack both from within and outside. From the thrill of rushing out of your quarters to Operations for a mission debrief, to the adrenaline rush of racing through the carrier to the Flight Deck, climbing into in your fighter then launching and engaging hostile forces. As a marine your combat assignments will include engaging hostile forces who board your carrier, as well as deploying to distant planets aboard shuttles or via transporters on combat engagements.

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