Galactic Dream

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Galactic Dream, a space-based strategy game in which four species are fighting for their very survival. This game brings you the shaped wings of your very galactic dreams: you will command star-ships and terrifying space monsters in real time, choosing your side next to the in fatuous Terran Galactic Federation, Aldarian Warfleets, Sandking Psyarmada and, not to forget, the aggressive "world slayers", for whom the space is never enough!

They say fate controls our lives and that the future is already written. There is said that life is a bless coming from the gods. Thousand of years, species dreamed to reach those pale lights that appear on their sky, late at night, dreamed to go behind the invisible. And when they finally made it, far away in the galaxy, hidden by dark nebula's, predators were waiting. Guide your civilization from scratches to the limits of your choice. Rule and Conquer! Can you make a Difference? Can you change the already written Future? Can you fight Destiny? Either you decide to conquest new worlds, strange realms, extend and grow, either you survive the invasions, you will be surprised about the complexity Galactic Dream offers you. Decide the fate of your kind, save your specie from the imminent galactic war or die trying. Indeed, Galactic Dream will bring you many opportunities to witness the destruction of your enemies, because in space, anything can happen...

The universe its huge, we all know that... Some say it is even infinite in dimensions. Forever expanding, forever restless, it contains innumerable galaxies that floats through it. Inside one of these galaxies, for thousand of years species never knew about the existence of each other. The lost prometheans (humanity) were pretty sure they discovered a certain way to return home. At least this was what they thought, till Neuman exits the Clarke-Dyson Gate. Surprisingly, from the gateway some faint waves, spreading death and EMP shock background, embraced quickly all Terran colonies, leaving wreck ages.

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