Galactic Dream: Rage of War

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At the dawn of the 24nd century humanity, once an unified Federation, has splintered into two great factions being constantly under a state of war: the Fifteen Colonies, protected by the Space Force, and the Wraths, outlaws which try in any possible way to undermine military authority over their former home worlds.

The humans knew for centuries about the 'big bang' which emerged from the galactic core, though they waited until the last moment to make their escape, since they trusted so much into their technological advances. In the center of Milky Way, few stars turned into novas and exploded. Due to the relative small distances between stars in the galactic core, a chain reaction quickly developed, dragging into the explosion dozens of other stars. Even if calculations showed that it will take ten thousand years for the death waves to reach the Terran colonies, something happen. Something unexpected and unexplained at the same time... Therefore, the preparation time considerable decreased from what seemed an eternity to only two thousand years. Now the humankind has less than one hundred years to make a run from the shock waves. The year is 2482 SGT (Standard Galactic Time)...


  • Lead One Of Two Powerful Races In An Epic Galactic Battle.
  • Over 50 Detailed Units And Space Structures.
  • Over 20 Action-Packed Combat Missions.
  • Play With Friends Over The Internet Or LAN.

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Minimum Requirements

  • Win 98/ME/XP
  • 1GHz CPU
  • 256MB RAM
  • GeForce2 or equivalent graphics card
  • 500MB HDD Space