Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is the third instalment of the worldwide smash series of Guitar Hero games, taking the franchise to a new level. Featuring a staggering selection of global smash hit master tracks from the likes of Sex Pistols, Muse, Kaiser Chiefs, Killers, Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden and Red Hot Chili Peppers, among many, many others, it is the game which will redefine music-based videogames.

In addition, the game features original compositions from legendary guitarists Slash and Tom Morello, both of whom are featured as boss characters in the game. An all-new multiplayer battle mode allows spectacular duelling alongside the game’s established co-operative and face-off scenarios.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock comes complete with all-new replica Gibson Les Paul guitar controllers (Kramer Pacer for PlayStation 2), complete with redesigned fret buttons and a removable, customisable faceplate. Most importantly, these guitars are now wireless, freeing players from the restrictions of trailing leads. Now, the living room really is a stage.

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