Hollywood Pictures 2

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Players are responsible for every facet of the movie making process from script to screen. Screenplays can be bought from aspiring writers or written yourself for a truly personal project. Once financial backing has been secured from the bank, hiring your star, co-star and supporting roles are next on the list of priorities, along with choosing the right camera crew, make-up artists and special effects team.

The scruffy movie studio site you inherit at the beginning of the game can be expanded to help ease the costs of big movie production. In addition to your basic production house, special effects studios, acting colleges and even a fire department can be constructed to quell those inevitable pyrotechnical accidents on set, which can cost you valuable days filming!

As with any major movie project, yours must be on budget, on time and screened to rapturous applause. Starting with the ambition of producing a film with a ‘10’ rating, aspiring Almodovars can also target a place for one of their films in the all-time charts, and not forgetting to be in the academy’s mind when Oscar time comes around. It can be a rotten business that’ll chew you up and spit you out, but stay focused, keep the hits rolling and it will be your handprints outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

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