Horizons: Empire of Istaria

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Developed by Tulga Games, the MMORPG Horizons: Empire of Istaria immerses players in an online fantasy world of magic and mystery. Istaria is a land populated by monsters, magic, heroes, and colossal cities. Horizons is the only fantasy MMORPG to offer gamers the opportunity to play as a dragon, earning skills and abilities as they grow from a hatchling to adult.


  • Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
  • Adventure through dynamic quests as a dwarf, elf, gnome, fiend--even a dragon
  • Dynamic world enables you to explore an ever-changing frontier and create custom strongholds
  • Open-ended skill system allows you to switch character roles
  • Note: this online game requires a monthly fee payable by credit card

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Horizons: Empire of Istaria Boxart



Minimum Requirements

  • 850MHz Pentium 4/AMD Athlon CPU
  • 512MB or more RAM
  • 64MB Direct 3D and Hardware T&L capable video card / Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (with 2GHz or higher system processor)
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • A DSL or Cable modem internet connection