Hospital Tycoon

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Hospital Tycoon is a medical-themed sim in which players are put in charge of hectic hospital facilities that are constantly on the verge of crisis and collapse. Players are challenged to run, maintain, enhance and expand the hospitals while turning any chaotic situation around using ingenious management techniques. The game's high level of character interaction is full of humor and drama, creating living hospital that's part soap opera and part comedy. Players will direct the hospital's medical staff, ensure patients are cared for and have the treatment facilities required. There's also the upkeep of each hospital to control and develop; dedicated areas can be built to support additional medical needs – surgery, diagnosis, physiotherapy and more. The more patients that are cured the more your medical empire can grow and flourish, but watch out for the spread of infectious conditions, or you'll soon have an epidemic plunging the hospital into absolute chaos.


  • Manage and maintain a hospital of your own design, making sure that the staff is kept happy and the patients are getting cured. Get it wrong, and you could end up facing a full-scale epidemic, piles of malpractice suits, or worse!
  • Watch the medical drama unfold as nurses, doctors and patients learn to like, hate and even fall in love with one another.
  • Four different hospital locations to expand, customize and upgrade.
  • All the latest equipment is available to treat hilarious diseases such as Monkey Nuts and Explosive Sneezing.
  • Easy to learn gameplay coupled with a multitude of challenging game modes to try.

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