Mass Effect 3

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The Mass Effect franchise is set in an epic science fiction universe, filled with dangerous alien life and mysterious, uncharted planets. Featuring intense action, a rich, futuristic storyline, space exploration and emotionally engaging character interaction, the franchise delivers an unparalleled cinematic experience.


  • Battle as Commander Shepard on many worlds across the galaxy as you unite the ultimate force to take back the Earth before it's too late
  • Enormous enemies and take on a smarter type of foe that will consistently challenge your best combat tactics and put you on the edge of your seat
  • Customize your Commander Shepard, your squad and weapons to engage the enemy on your terms
  • Allows the option to import decisions from both of the previous games into the new game, but can also be played as a standalone game
  • Experience a new emphasis on melee combat, movement and an improved cover system

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Mass Effect 3 Boxart



Minimum Requirements

  • Win XP SP3/ Vista SP1 / 7
  • 1.8GHz Dual Core CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2.5GB HDD Space
  • 256MB GPU with Pixel Shader 3
  • DirectX 9.0c