My Animal Shelter

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My Animal Shelter is a new computer game that focuses on the wonderful world of pets and is designed for the young player that has a strong interest in animals. It is a perfect and fun introduction for young individuals that would like to own a pet by teaching them to run an animal shelter and care for unloved and injured animals.

Launched by bhv software, a leading consumer software publisher, the gamer is tasked with aiding the speedy recovery of the animals encouraging the principles of correct animal care; the better you are at your job, the happier and quicker the animals will recover and be back on the road to full health.

The shelter caters for all animals including horses, rabbits, dogs and cats that are all feeling a bit under the weather and need nurturing back to health in a variety of different ways. Activities include organising feed times for all the animals, making sure that the dogs get walked and that the horses get exercised. By providing the animals with food, accommodation and medicine, the player can begin to learn the everyday tasks that are associated with owning and looking after an animal.

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