NHL 07

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Only NHL 07 puts you in total command with a revolutionary new Skill Stick system. Never take your hands off the analog sticks as you take complete control of all skating, precision passing, and player movements up and down the ice. As General Manager in an enhanced Dynasty Mode, do whatever it takes to meet an owner’s expectations by properly managing rosters and using your creativity to fit player salaries under the new cap. Whether you’re running the front office or dominating the rink, NHL 07 is the most intuitive and realistic hockey experience ever created.


  • Play your style of hockey at both ends of the ice, with on-the-fly coaching
  • Control your offensive flow by effortlessly crashing the net, screening the goalie or pinching your defensemen
  • Counter the attack by clearing out the crease, setting up a break out for an offensive rush, or clearing the zone
  • Incredible new Character animations for goaltending, checking, shooting and passing bring you authentic on-ice action
  • An unsurpassed franchise experience hinges a team's success on your ability to schedule workouts, scrimmages and manage team chemistry

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