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ParaWorld is real-time strategy game set in a parallel world between a prehistoric world, where warring tribes and dinosaurs rule, and our world in the 19th century. Using an unprecedented unit management user interface called the “Army Controller,” players play a campaign, where they get to know and play three different tribes (Norsemen, Dustriders and Dragon Clan). As they advance in the campaign, players get to play all three tribes, but in the last third of the game they need to pick the best tribe for the level they are facing. If the player fails to succeed, they have the option to pick a different tribe and try a completely different strategy.


  • 3 different LAN and Internet multiplayer modes for up to 8 players
  • Wage war for control of a prehistoric parallel world in this RTS game
  • Explore 16 dangerous prehistoric scenarios located in 5 climatic zones
  • 9 playable heroes and 3 completely different tribes; control up to 52 units
  • Over 50 different types of animals, including 40 incredibly detailed dinosaurs

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