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Sci-fi first-person shooter from the team behind the Unreal franchise, Digital Extremes. The game focuses on a robust immersive storyline that weaves survival elements into the traditional run-and-gun style of first-person action games. According to the publisher, unsurprising will be the graphic marvel and fine-tuned gameplay of Pariah, a trademark gamers have come to expect from any Digital Extremes game. Not straying too far from their roots, Digital Extremes is building Pariah with the latest version of the technologically powerful Unreal engine by Epic Games.


  • Use the Use the Weapon Energy Core feature to Upgrade your 7 weapons to suityour unique gaming strategies
  • Roar through the vast wastelands of Earth crushing enemies under your treads
  • Ultra realistic, fast paced gameplay in 18 single-player levels and 13 multi-player levels
  • New twist on multi-player action in the all new exclusive Front Line Assault mode -- plus Capture-the-Flag, Death Match and Team Death Match for up to 16 players

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Pariah Boxart



Minimum Requirements

  • Intel Pentium IV 1.4ghz (or AMD Athlon XP equivalent)
  • Windows 98SE/2000/XP
  • 256 MB System RAM
  • 32 MB GeForce 3 100% DirectX 8.x compatible 3D graphics cards
  • 100% DirectX 8.x compatible (GeForce MX video cards not supported)
  • Compatible Sound Card Quad Speed
  • 2GB HDD space