Pirates of the Burning Sea

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Gamers will enter and experience all-out war at sea, as Britain, France, and Spain battle to control valuable ports across the entire Caribbean of 1720. Pirates, naval officers, and adventurers use a wealth of skills and modifications to make their ships the fastest, strongest, and deadliest in all the New World. PvE missions contribute heavily to the extensive strategic PvP system, as players working together can force a valuable port into contention, triggering a series of scheduled battles that activate open PvP regions and can result in portions of the shared world dramatically changing sides. The more ports a nation controls, the faster it racks up points towards a server-wide victory, resulting in celebrations, rewards, and the beginning of a new round of competition.

Pirates of the Burning Sea's customizable avatars feature normal mapping and dynamic self-shadowing for a powerful visual look and lots of creative freedom for players. Crew on the deck of your ship haul ropes, fire cannon, and are blown off the deck by massive impact effects. Hollywood sound designer Richard King, who won the Oscar® for Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, supplies the game's immersive and detailed sound design.


  • This PC game requires a monthly fee, and an internet connection to play
  • Game Genre: MMORPG/RPG/Strategy
  • Choose Pirate, English, French or Spanish and Traverse a world of more than 100 PvP conquerable ports in the Caribbean.
  • Virtual buccaneers can engage in fierce ship-to-ship combat in real time, sending foes to the bottom of the briny deep or leaving them helpless and ripe for looting.
  • Choose from traditional Fencing, the dual-wielding showmanship known as Florentine, or the treachery of Dirty Fighting in savage Swashbuckling

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