Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War

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It is the near future. One of the last bastions of true Communism, the corrupt and bankrupt police state of North Korea, has been involved in the dirty business of trading uranium. Trading it for what, though? Food to feed their starving people? Medical supplies for the thousands dying each day from disease and malnutrition? No, the ruling monsters have been trading it for more weaponry, in the hope of one day seeing their nightmare vision of uniting the two Koreas under the red banner come to fruition.

Early morning, 11 September 2010, the DMZ erupts in a symphony of death and destruction. Has the blitzkrieg began? It has, but the tanks and helicopters cutting a swath across no man's land aren't heading south - they're going north. The US-ROK invasion has just begun, and soon the Axis of Evil club will lose yet another member. You are there.

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