Rush for Berlin

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Rush for Berlin (RfB) is the new game from Stormregion, the developers of Codename: Panzers® and SWINE®. This real-time strategy game takes you once again to 1944-45 and the European battlefields of the Second World War. In the contest for the German capital Berlin, you fight with the American, British, French, and the Soviet Red Army. This act symbolises the total defeat of the Third Reich and spells the end of the war in Europe. As the players approach Berlin, they must face more and more challenges, as the German defence becomes more focused and fights desperately for its life. In the German campaigns you face the attackers in an alternate reality. What if their prototypes had made it into mass production? Expect another visually opulent strategy hit with a focus on fun: a fresh look at tactical war games!


  • New WWII real-time strategy war game from Stormregion
  • The Allies, the Red Army, and the Germans fight for Berlin '44-'45
  • Heroic officers with extremely effective capabilities
  • Day and nighttime conditions, as well as changes in weather affect events
  • Factories produce supplies, such as decoy tanks to mislead the enemy

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