Rush for Berlin: Rush for the Bomb

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During the Second World War, the Fifth Column, a secretive division of Nazi spies, managed to infiltrate the laboratories of the US Manhattan Project and stole top secret research data which, in theory, would allow the Third Reich to produce an atomic bomb.

Rush for the Bomb presents this story from two different perspectives: while playing on the side of the Allies you will need to protect vital information, and while playing for the Axis powers you must make it possible for them to steal the information. It's up to you whether or not the documents complete their journey from Lisbon to Berlin via neutral Spain.

This Rush for Berlin add-on consists of two campaigns for the Germans and Allies with 12 missions each, which take place in previously unseen venues such as Norway, the Iberian peninsula, and the Balearic Islands. You experience the Race for the Bomb in the role of various heroes, who not only have access to additional officers with numerous skills, but also new, spectacular units.

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