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In today's world ships are behemoths of steel and electronics. Combat takes place in an almost videogame like environment, with engagements happening not hundreds of yards away but possibly hundreds of miles away. Life and death is decided by a click of the mouse, and in seconds a fleet can be sent to the bottom.

Travel back in time to an era when battles for the supremacy of the sea lanes was decided by brave men commanding massive fortresses of floating wood and cloth. No radar lock- ons, just the Mark I eyeball, and no guided missiles, just heavy orbs of iron. Battle would be joined so close together that you could practically see what your enemy had for lunch by spotting the stains on his uniform. This was an era of steel nerves and sound tactics, of sea knowledge and possessing a little bit of Poseidon's own luck. Spruegames' Salvo! recreates this era.

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Salvo Boxart


Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 95+
  • Pentium 600MHz or equivalent CPU
  • 256MB RAM
  • 500+ MB Hard Drive Space
  • CD ROM
  • Windows Compatible Sound Card
  • SVGA Video Card (800 x 600 with 16 bit color or better)