Shadows of War

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Europe, 1936. The peak of fascism and the totalitarianism is darkening the aspirations of freedom in the old continent. The threat is coming from the south and it puts in danger the delicate balance of the continental power…

Shadows of War is an historic RTS (Real Time Strategy) with tactics elements that explain the commencement of the 2nd WW through missions where five heroes from different camps were involved.

Shadows of War take place in Europe on 1936. The old continent is plunged into an international and tense situation. The peak of the fascists totalitarianism ideologies in Italy and Germany is a fact. The representatives democracies of liberal tradition are in a crisis situation in England and France. Several movements of revolution , heading by the government of the Soviet Union, are moving social issues of Europe.

As a consequence, a conflict begins in the South of Europe and it threats with unbalancing the delicate international situation. Even if it is with an intention of increasing the chaos of the conflict , claiming strategic territories, proving the efficiency of troops and strategies, or to demonstrate their ideological superiority, the whole world is facing the threat coming from the south , and they face up to in a scenario that will be used as a general rehearsal of the big coming conflict. Shadows of War worldwide release is expected in Q4 2007.

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