Star Legacy

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Star Legacy is a player's game, one that is meant to be both a letter of love to fans of the genre and to bring new players into the fold. To achieve the goal of ultimate playability SLDG is focusing on several important facets in their design. First of all, Star Legacy will be an open-ended turn-based game that will allow players to immerse themselves in an epic space opera of their own making. Players will begin by creating civilizations reaching out from their homeworlds to explore the great bejeweled darkness of the universe. As in all good 4X titles there will be a full range of choices that the player will be involved in. Design starships worthy of the best sci-fi story, research new technologies, colonize new worlds, and when all else fails go to war. Everything in the game is player driven. Besides a single player experience the game will also feature multiplayer, althou gh its exact form is still being worked out.

Star Legacy is more than just a great space opera on your computer, it's about giving you the controls to then tell your own tale. Graphics will be 2D, allowing anyone to modify the visuals without the need of specialized software or knowledge, just an active imagination and the willingness to put your ideas into reality. In fact, not only will players be able to easily mod the graphics in Star Legacy they will be able to mod everything since most files are XML based and can be altered with a simple text editor. With this players will have extreme freedom to shape the game as they see fit.

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