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Developed by Blue 52 and published by Hip Games, Stolen is a realistic, third person, stealth-based, action game, based around Anya Romanov, a professional high-tech female thief. As Anya, break into and out of movie-like locations, hide in the shadows, and steal priceless items. Employ hi-tech gadgets, tools and weapons to reach your objectives and outsmart various security companies and systems, each with unique personalities and traits. The game immerses the player in a stressful atmosphere, complete with tense and dramatic action set pieces. Various enemies and guards will be doing their best to make you fail. Luckily, Anya has access to various high-tech thief equipment, including tracking devices, sonic visor, traversal equipment and more.

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Stolen Boxart



Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
  • Pentium 1Ghz Processor
  • 64MB RAM (Win 9x, ME) 128MB RAM (Win 2k/XP)
  • 900MB free HD space
  • GeForce 2 (or equivalent) or higher Graphics Card