Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory

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The game does not stay in the borders of conventional RTS genre. We introduce some major interface and game play innovations, distinguishing it from other WWII games, and definitely from all previous Sudden Strike series games created by our company. The game simulates joint operations of all combat arms on the global scale: land forces, air forces and navy . New paradigm of user interface allows the player to control vast areas and large amount of troops conveniently, being easy to use even for a beginner player, and avoiding undesired micromanagement. The player will be free to choose different ways to play at his own discretion, this leading to signficant diversity in game situations and in ways of completion of scenario; therefore it would be interesting for some players to complete the scenarios several times.

The gameplay will include sea battles, supportted by aviation and submarines and planes hunting the enemy's caravans. The player will be able to build profound coastal defense lines. Carrier-based aviation will participate in naval battlesand support land operations. The player should control his naval and air forces carefully, as they are a clue to success in land operations. Ports will play an important role in the game, as the gates for shipment of infantry, weapons, ammunition and fuel. Land operations will cover vast territories, and therefore reconnaissance will be essential. These are the innovations which could not be seen in WWII games until now.

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