Sword of the Stars

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Sword of the Stars is a breakthrough 4X Strategy game brought to you by the core team behind the blockbuster title, HomeWorld: Cataclysm. Sword of the Stars returns gamers to the action-packed roots of the 4X genre with some new twists, including a 3D starmap and real-time combat resolution in a 3D environment. Playing as one of 4 unique races, gamers will explore planets, research new technologies and create empires in a hostile Universe where weakness means extinction and only the strongest will survive. The game is scheduled to be released in Q3 2006 and is being developed by Kerberos Productions.


  • Play as the Humans, insect-like Hivers, reptilian Tarkas & enigmatic Liir
  • Travel to 40 stars in a spherical galaxy, with unlimited turn gameplay
  • Unique, random technology tree helps pave the road to galactic domination

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Everyone Over 10