The Apprentice: Los Angeles

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The Apprentice: Los Angeles game will immerse players in the high-stakes business world of "The Apprentice," giving them the opportunity to compete in corporate America's toughest job interview. Timed to launch during the sixth season of the TV show, the game will feature Donald Trump, as well as both winners and key contestants from past seasons. The game will take place in iconic LA settings such as Santa Monica beach and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The player's task is to find and serve customers as efficiently and strategically as possible, thereby earning more money than the other team.


  • Play for a top spot in the Trump Organization in this innovative twist on resource management-style games
  • Test your sales skills in iconic LA settings: a Beverly Hills Boutique, a Little Tokyo Sushi Bar, Santa Monica Beach Rentals, and a Hollywood Hotel.
  • Earn the most money by serving your customers as efficiently as possible, combining strategy with fast action. You'll need to know how to prepare food, how to manage your assistants for maximum benefit, how to control your inventory, and more in order to
  • Battle against other contestants in the Boardroom memory game to see who gets fired first! Your opponent's skill level is determined by your performance in the rest of the game
  • Starring The Donald, Ivanka, and Don Jr., along with your favorite contestants from all six TV seasons

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