The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome

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THE HISTORY CHANNEL Great Battles of Rome is an action packed battle game. Its main features focus is on a Generals preparations for War through careful planning and tactical awareness. Once combat is joined a combination of nerve and quick thinking is necessary to defeat the enemy. The game is steeped in historical atmosphere and immediately immerses the player in the ancient Roman world. The intuitive user interface allows the player complete control throughout the game giving him the ability to react to any battle situation both at pre battle deployment and later when the action begins. The PSP version also features Wi-Fi head to head battles, and the PlayStation2 has a split screen Multiplayer mode. Merging dramatic TV footage from The History Channel with the games epic battles, will allow players to immerse themselves in history, whilst still enjoying exciting gameplay in a style never before seen on the console. The History Channel and Slitherine will collaborate in respect of research and historical accuracy through their teams of experts both in the US and Europe. Features:
  • Fight more than 100 battles spanning 700 years of history
  • Captivating program footage from The History Channel
  • Customize army appearance, weapons and armor
  • Diverse terrain and varying battlefield options

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