The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure

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Inspired by the haunting works of Charles Dickens, M.R. James, Arthur Conan Doyle, and E.F. Benson, “The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure” finds treasure hunter Nigel Danvers on the run. Travel with Nigel to an eerie seaside town on England's coast where you will learn to use the advanced techniques of real paranormal investigators to unravel an ancient mystery and uncover a hidden treasure. Immersed in a richly detailed interactive world that is part black and white, part vivid color, you will be captivated, taunted, and teased by mind-bending puzzles and interactions with the town locals, earthly and otherwise. Your skills at ghosthunting, and detecting paranormal activity, will directly affect how the game continues. With nerves of steel, and wits to match, you will soon discover long lost secrets, previously known only to the dead.


  • Ghost-hunting adventure game with large cast of 3D characters
  • Point-and-click interface offers both 1st- and 3rd-person perspectives
  • Eerie English coast brought vividly to life; chilling soundtrack
  • Rich spine-tingling story; realistic and integrated puzzles to solve
  • Inspired by classic ghost stories and modern ghost-hunting techniques

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