The Matrix: Path of Neo

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THE MATRIX: PATH OF NEO will follow the story of the blockbuster motion picture trilogy THE MATRIX, THE MATRIX RELOADED and THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS and for the first time allow gamers to play as "Neo" and become "The One." A game of blockbuster caliber, Shiny also worked closely with the Award winning talent behind the Matrix trilogy to ensure that every aspect in design, sound and special effects would be authentic to the original experience.

Gamers will play as "Neo," but from the moment the game begins, how the situations play out, how they handle them, how they deal with the events, where they go, how people react to them - it's all up to the gamer. They may win where "Neo" failed or find another way to solve the problem - the path is now theirs to follow.

As "Neo," the choices the player makes to resolve each scenario and the resulting consequences may have a different result than the original films. Alternative scenarios filled with new characters, content and storylines have all been written and planned by the Wachowski Brothers to expand the Matrix universe and overall gaming experience.


  • Experience true in-game Matrix physics.
  • A full orchestral score playing in surround sound, developed to follow the action of the game.
  • Enhanced Bullet Time special effects from the films and allow gamers to dodge bullets, jump off walls and defy gravity and logic to recreate its most memorable scenes.
  • Read codes, fly, run, and jump off walls.
  • Dodge bullets and master martial arts.

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