The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

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Holmes has just solved a recent case by retrieving a priceless set of jewels that had been stolen. Unfortunately, the jewels' owner reveals that the necklace Holmes returned to him is a pale imitation... and everything seems to incriminate the detective as the culprit!

Thus begins Sherlock Holmes' downward spiral. London begins to have doubts and lose its trust in Holmes, who is incapable of refuting suspicions or disproving the charges against him. Even Doctor Watson's unshakable faith in his friend starts to waver when the famous detective begins to avoid Scotland Yard and displays increasingly strange behavior: night escapades, blackmail, destruction of evidence... Could Holmes go so far as to murder someone?

Dark and sinister, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes features a Sherlock Holmes like never seen before. It is a breath-taking story that will constantly surprise players through its twists and turns, especially those already captivated by Sherlock Holmes' dark side.

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